Power Pipe
Power Pipe Installation

Home heating costs today are higher than ever, and heating your water has become more expensive. A way to reduce that cost is by installing a Drain Water Heat Recovery system, the most common being the Power Pipe.

A Power Pipe is a 3”, 4”, or 6” copper tube with a copper coil that surrounds the exterior, which is installed on a main stack. The cold water supply pipe is connected to the inlet.

Water falling down a vertical drain stack does not run down the middle of the stack, but instead clings to the inside wall of the pipe causing a “film affect”. The Power Pipe captures much of this heat, then “recycles” it to raise the temperature of incoming cold water. This results in your hot water tank using less energy to heat your water, which will reduce your heating bill in the long run. This apparatus is cost effective, especially for families.

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