Building Trap Installation & Repairs

A building trap, also known as a main sanitary, is a device located under your home basement floor or outside on your property. Its function is to prevent sewer gases from backing up the main drain and into your home. Homes that were built before the 1950’s with original underground drains may still have a building trap and clay drainage pipes.

This drainage system may need to be updated as clay pipes crack, break and wither away with age. If this system is not updated to PVC pipes, you run the risk of having clay pipes break and sewage seeping into the earth as well as sewage backing up into your home.

Under the new plumbing code, building traps are no longer needed since every plumbing fixture is protected by an independent trap.

If your home has original drainage pipes and a building trap, please don’t hesitate to call for an assessment and drainage system update.

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